The Flinks Portal is a tool built to help you have a detailed view in all requests made through your instance, with not configuration or setup required!

Any call made from the API or Flinks Connect (iframe) will appear on the portal immediately.

From the portal, you are able to see:

  • Date and time of each request;
  • Financial Institution;
  • Holder information (KYC);
  • RequestId (request code);
  • LoginId.

If you click on the button with the three little dots:

You will find the equivalent of the GetAccountsSummary, containing every available account with the account number, account type, account balance and a print option.


To access the details of each account, you have to click again in the three dots button again. This part gives you the equivalent of the GetAccountsDetail response. You will find the details of all the transactions by account with current balances.