To make it easier to test Scotia special MFA, we created a username with Flinks Capital to get an example of how to handle this flow adequately.

With the API

You first need to call the authorize endpoint with the credentials below:

Answer correctly to the this multiple MFA question to receive the reset questions mode:

Pick the desired question and right the new secret answer of your choice for each one. Don't forget it's a reset mode, so those will now be your new questions/answers. By completing this final special MFA, you will get authorize through the bank and you can call any other endpoint from there, with the same Request Id.

Find more about Special MFA here.


 With Flinks Connect

You will need to add the parameter demo=true in the url to test this one.

When you select Flinks Capital financial institution, you have to enter this credentials to prompt the first regular mfa

You will instantly receive the multiple mfa, which you have to answer with the right answer

After you will receive the screen to reset your questions

On this screen you need to reset your 3 mfa questions by selecting in the list for each one, the new question that you want


With each new question you selected, write the answer to it 

Remember those questions/answers, they are now the new ones you will need to answer from time to time in regular mfa. And by clicking continue, you arrive to the details of your account

Find other information about this bank flow in our documentation