In this example we have a flow to retrieve the Income Verification from one specific linked account. We're going to use our dummy institution Flinks Capital, which is also available for the Sandbox instance.

As we have in our Documentation about the Insight, we first need to follow a regular GetAccountsDetail flow for retrieving and saving the data in Flinks Database.

 Step 1: Calling Authorize in live mode with Save:true

Step 2: Answering the MFA question if prompted during the Authorize process


Once successfully Authorized, the connected account will have a LoginId, which will be used further in the Flow.

Step 3: Calling the GetAccountsDetail endpoint

With the requestId retrieved from Step 2, we'll retrieve all transactional details from the recently added account.



Now that the data is retrieved and saved in Flinks Database, we can call the Insight endpoint for the income verification.

Step 4: Get a new RequestId by calling Authorize in cached mode

For calling the Insight endpoints, you need to have a RequestId in cached mode using the LoginId you want to verify the income. We're going to use the LoginId retrieved from Step 2.



Step 5: Call the Insight endpoint


Now we have all the information needed for calling the Income Verification endpoint from the Insight.

Since it's a GET method call, all parameters are entered in the URL used for this call. 

The RequestId used is the one that we just got in Step 4, and the LoginId is the same from the one we got in Step 2.

Since in this example we're verifiying all the income coming from the LoginId, you are going to be able to see all transactions that represent income from all available operations accounts. But it's also possible to retrieve it specifically for one account. Refer to the documentation for more details, or ask for Flinks Support for help!