For this particular flow to be possible via Flinks Connect is mandatory the use of the feature sync, as well the redirectUrl parameter.

Instead of the usual flow for Flinks Connect, you will have to handle the live call as soon as the bank account is Authorized and Flinks is connected.

Here's how the flow looks like:


After the Redirection in Flinks Connect, you will use the received RequestId to call GetAccountsSummary and then GetStatements.


In this case we're using also the parameter demo=true in order to enable the dummy institution Flinks Capital in the iframe, for the purpose of this example.


After being authorized, Flinks Connect will trigger the redirect and the RequestId will be shown in the redirected URL.


This requestId is a reference to the session we need to complete now via API calls.

Now we can call the GetAccountsSummary endpoint to select the accounts we want to filter for the GetStatements.


From the Summary, we can gather the Id from each account we want to select:


And then we're able to call GetStatements with the AccountsFilter parameter and retrieve the PDF: