With version 1.38, it's possible for you to have temporary access to the screenshots that are captured from Flinks during the processing time of a request.

This is useful, for example, if you want to confirm that the data you received from the API corresponds with the information from the Financial Institution that was delivered to Flinks.

For you to use this feature, you must have access to the Flinks Portal from your private instance.
On the right-hand side of each listed request, under the Refresh button, there's the "Ask for Screenshots" button, as shown in the following example:

For every screenshot request, you need to write a reason for your request:

While the request is being analyzed by the team at Flinks, the button will say "Request Sent", shown here:

After our analysis, if our team approved your request, you will have access to the link for the screenshots for that request. This link will be accessible for 24 hours (Not counting non-commercial days):