Flinks API is able to identify if a connected account has a Business or Personal type. 

This information is specified in the Type field, under the Login object, for the following endpoints:

  • /Authorize*;

  • /GetAccountsSummary;

  • /GetAccountDetails;

  • /GetStatements*.


"Login": {
       "Username": "Greatday",
       "IsScheduledRefresh": false,
       "LastRefresh": "2018-10-17T20:19:25.6081448Z",
       "Type": "Personal",
       "Id": "d6d161dd-fb96-4035-e024-08d6344f2023"

The supported values for the field Type are:

  • Business**;

  • Personal;

  • null.

The null value is given to all requests made to Financial Institutions that currently does not support this feature. 

Here is the current list of the supported Financial Institutions for the Login Type: 

  • CIBC;

  • Desjardins;

  • National Bank;

  • RBC;

  • Scotia Bank;

  • TD.

* For the /Authorize and /GetStatements endpoints the Login Type will only be returned in case the LoginId had a previous request to /GetAccountsSummary or /GetAccountsDetail endpoints.
** Mixed accounts are identified as Business.