If you need to collect the official pdf statements from a financial institution, you'll need to follow this flow. This is only if you need the official PDF statements provided by the financial institution. Please contact us to enable this flow on your instance.

Step 1: Connect to the bank through Flinks Connect with the parameter `statement=true`

Login to Flinks Connect with the parameter `statement=true`. With this parameter enabled, we will collect the official PDF statements from the bank once we're connected to the account.

Enter the login credentials:

Enter MFA if prompted:

If the login credentials are successfully entered, the page will be redirected and the unique LoginId for the user will appear in the Url. Now the user's bank account has been successfully connected. All you need to do is retrieve the information!:

Step 2: Retrieve the user's PDF bank statements

Now you need to make a call to the API in cached mode to retrieve the user's PDF statements. 

Using the LoginId that was returned in the Url after Flinks Connect was redirected, call the /Authorize endpoint with the parameter "MostRecentCached" : true

Now you can use the new RequestId that was generated to call the /GetStatements endpoint. Note that the PDT statements are in Base64 format, which you can easily convert into PDF format: