Once the customer has successfully logged into their bank via the Flinks Connect widget and their request has been completed, you can start retrieving Attributes Reports directly in your Flinks Portal. In this example, Income and Credit Risk Reports are available in the Portal but depending on your use case we have other sets for you to choose from. 

For each Attributes Report you've chosen, you will see the corresponding button next to every profile that you have successfully run through using Flinks and that are available to run Attributes on.


Once you click on the report that you would like to access, the next window will appear with a scrollable version of the report for easy access. You can either use this view and come back/search in the portal each time you need to look at it, or you can save it as a PDF and/or print the report for storing. You can access the Attributes Reports whenever and however many times you need.

To keep a digital copy on your servers simply hit ‘Print report’ button at the top right-hand side of the window (see screenshot above). This opens a new tab in your browser with a report on it. If you select the ‘Save as PDF’ as standard, you can automatically save the report, assigning the document name and choosing the destination at your discretion. 

Note1:  Please ensure that the scaling is set to ‘default’ before saving as PDF.              

Note2 : Some browsers may not bring the ‘Print’ Pop-Up automatically. If that is the case, you will have to right-click and select the print option.