In version 2, Flinks Connect has a new design and additional features.

In case you are an existing customer and is still using the iframe's previous version, you can update Flinks Connect by simply adding "v2" to your iframe URL, as in the example below for the instance called toolbox:



Unique Theme 

This is the default theme for Flinks Connect with the classic menu for both Canadian and US institutions:

  • Canada

  • US


Consent Page

By specifying the parameter consentEnable=true, you will enable the new consent page. With this an optional feature, you can specify to your end-user which information you are asking for consent to be extracted. By default, all possible information is pointed out in the list, but it's possible to narrow down the scope of the consent by using the parameter features.

This is an example of the consent page without the features parameter:

Here’s an example of a consent page with specified Flinks features. In this case, the parameter features=AccountInfo,AccountNumber. In the parameter features the following elements will be available and usable: TransactionHistory, AccountInfo and AccountNumber.

Account Selection

You will also be able to select one account (or multiple) to retrieve the information from, rather than retrieving all data across all available accounts. This feature is useful if, for your use-case, you only need one specific account. It will also improve the speed of the data extraction. This feature is enabled if your iframe URL contain the parameter accountSelectorEnable=true.

After being authorized successfully, and before the redirection, this page will present all the available accounts:

Among these features, now there are a few set of parameters for small customizations, which are described in our Documentation.