Flinks Express is the fastest way of using our products - no code or developer needed!

It consists of a 4-step flow where the user will be able to connect to Flinks, without the need of embedding the iframe in your script. The steps are:

  • Step 1 - Welcome page;
  • Step 2 - Pre-application form;
  • Step 3 - Flinks Connects page (Bank Connection);
  • Step 4 - Success page;

By opting to this solution, we will customize a template that embeds the iframe for you, as if the page were your own.

What is customizable:

In Flinks Express, we can use your own:

1. Logo and brand’s theme color;

2. Wording/language of your choosing, appropriate for your public;

3. Links to your company’s Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, etc.;

4. Know-your-customer form for additional information on the users.

How to request:

Through this link, you will be able to check and submit all of the customizations for your use case. Make sure to let your Onboarding & Implementation Specialist know after your submission!

How to test it:


Step 1 - Welcome page

Step 2 - Pre-application form

Step 3 - Flinks Connects page (Bank Connection)

Step 4 - Success page