With the Tag feature, it's possible to mark a specific LoginId according with specific needs for different use cases.

Here's an example of a flow using the Tag feature and with webhooks enabled for the results delivery.

The Tag parameter and value have to be added in Flinks Connect's URL. You can have different LoginIds with the same Tag value, or a different tag for each LoginId, it's up to you.


  1. Add the parameter and desired value in the Flinks Connect's (iframe) URL

2. The Flow continues normally during the Authentication process:


3. Also the same flow with the MFA:

4. In this example, we have a generic redirect page, with the LoginId and the tag added to our URL.

In this example we have webhooks enabled, which means that instead of making cached calls in order to retrieve the extracted data from Flinks, we will send you the response as soon it's completed.


5. This is the example of the response your webhook endpoint would receive, exactly like an cached call to the API would respond.

And the Tag is going to appear in the body of the JSON response:

Observation: It is also possible to see the tags via the Client Dashboard.