The processing time for retrieving bank information can vary depending on the bank and the amount of data an account has. When the API faces a long request, you'll have to interact with it in an asynchronous way.

We have an example of how the asynchronous flow looks like with our Flinks Capital test account. You will find it on our API Reference here.

We start the usual flow with an Authorize call in cached mode, using the LoginId provided by Flinks Connect:

Now we can call GetAccountsDetail with the RequestId received from the successful Authorize call.

If our request takes longer than 210 seconds after making a GetAccountsDetail call, we will receive a 202 OPERATION_PENDING code, and from then on we will have to call the async endpoint GetAccountsDetailAsync in a long polling fashion.

Now we call the async endpoint GetAccountsDetailAsync. We suggest an interval of 10 seconds, but that could depend on your integration.

If we receive again the code 202, which means our request is still processing, we have to keep calling GetAccountsDetailAsync until we get a 200.

Now we receive the code 200, meaning that your request is complete. We also get all the information retrieved from the account in the response.

Important note: we recommend having a 30 minutes timeout to stop calling the async endpoint because of a special case described here.

You can find more information about the GetAccountsDetailsAsync in our API documentation.