This example shows one of the most common flows, which is the flow that retrieves all the details for a specific bank account. As any other endpoint that calls for the Flinks API, you need to initiate a new session by calling the Authorize endpoint.


This chart shows the flow of the endpoints to call for this particular case:

In the following examples we’re going to use only the mandatory parameters. All other parameters will have the default value, since they were not specified.




First, we have to open a new session by calling the Authorize endpoint, which will return a new RequestId that will be used for the next endpoint calls. Instead of using the banking credentials as in the snapshot below, we recommend using the LoginId provided after the flow in Flinks Connect is finished.


During the authorize process, after entering the Username and Password, the financial institution might prompt a security question, which will also need be be answered with the Authorize endpoint.




Once a code 200 is received from the Authorize, it means that we have an open session with the financial institution and the received RequestId is ready to be used in another endpoint call.


In this example, we’re going to call GetAccountsSummary flow. It is a quick way to get an overview of the connected bank account and it could be used if an account selection feature is being developed within an integration, for example.




After receiving a response from GetAccountsSummary, the RequestId will still be valid. From here, the GetAccountsDetail endpoint can be called. This endpoint will trigger the process to extract all the details of the bank account.


Whenever a response takes more than 210 seconds, the API will return an HTTP Status Code 202 with the Flinks code OPERATION_PENDING. This means that your request is still being processed by the Flinks API and from this point on, the async endpoint needs to be called in a long polling fashion.


The Async Endpoint


The async endpoint will return you an immediate response to tell you whether your process is ready or still pending.


The recommended async call frequency is to make a call every 30 seconds, for a maximum of 30 minutes (If after this period you’re still receiving 202 OPERATION_PENDING, it means something went wrong with the request and Flinks support can be contacted).


Once we receive our information with the 200 code, we’re done!