Even in cached mode it's still possible to receive a API response with the code 202 OPERATION_PENDING.


That is the case when there is still a live request being processed in the background. This is a normal and expected flow for real bank accounts.

When you are redirected in Flinks Connect, the request just finished the Authorize scraping process. After that, in the background, our workers processes the summary and details of the account. This process takes a little bit more time until it’s completed.


If you call the API in cached mode with the LoginId that you received from the redirect and the request is still being processed in the background, you will receive the `OPERATION_PENDING` message and you will have to continue the flow in an async mode until the request is completed. This can happen also if you make two different calls to the same account on the API.


This flow will start the exact same way than our article on retrieving financial data from Flinks Connect.


Connect to Flinks Connect

When the Authorize flow is successful, you'll receive the LoginId in the landing page

On the API, use the LoginId in an Authorize call using the parameter "MostRecentCached": true

Right after, if you call the API in a cached mode for the same account than you just did in Flinks connect, it's possible that the scrapping of your data is still processing (it happens mostly with accounts that have a lot of transactions).

When it happens, you have to wait until the live call is completed to then call the Async endpoint with the same Request Id. If it's not completed yet, this endpoint will simply give you back "operation_pending" until it's ready to give you the data. *Attention, this endpoint his use as a "GET" call.


 Find more about the Async endpoint in our documentation.