HTTP Status CodeFlinks CodeDescriptionMessageSteps to Reproduce
200N/AThe connection was successful.Complete a successful request.
202OPERATION_PENDINGThe process is ongoing in the background. At this point your flow must change to the async endpointYour operation is still processing.Perform a cached flow immediately after Authorizing a new account
202OPERATION_DISPATCHEDYour sync request took more than 210 seconds and it was dispatched in the background.Your operations had been dispatched to background process for long running jobsHave a live request to gather GetAccountDetails in more than 210 seconds
400INVALID_LOGINThe provided LoginId is invalidThe LoginId provided is either invalid or does not belong to the CustomerIdCall the Authorize endpoint using a non existent LoginId
400INVALID_LOGINThe provided username or/and password is/are invalidThe card number (username) or password provided is invalidCall the Authorize endpoint using non valid credentials
400INVALID_REQUESTCredentials are missing/incomplete, or syntax is incorrect (e.g. missing comma)Message returned will depend on the error (e.g. missing value, incorrect syntax, etc.)In input, make a typo, remove a comma, etc.
400SESSION_NONEXISTENTA request was made with an expired RequestIdInputs session id or card if were not found.Use an old RequestId for a new request
400CARD_IN_USEAn operation was requested while the account is still being processed.Call the DeleteCard endpoint immediately after Authorizing a new account
401INVALID_USERNAMEThe username provided was different from what the bank expectedProvide an invalid username to an Authorize request
401INVALID_PASSWORDThe password provided was different from what the bank expectedProvide an invalid password to an Authorize request
401INVALID_SECURITY_RESPONSEThe MFA response provided was different from what the bank expectedProvide an invalid MFA answer to an Authorize request
401QUESTION_NOT_FOUNDThe MFA prompt doesn't have a stored answer
401RETRY_LATERFlinks was not able to open a connection with the selected financial institutionFlinks Capital Username: test_service_unavailable Password: Everyday
401UNKNOWN_CHALLENGE_KEYThe /Authorize request to respond an MFA contain an answer to the wrong MFA prompt."One or more of the Security Challenge Prompts required are missing in the provided response"Change the MFA prompted, or leave the MFA prompt blank in the input Change the MFA response or leave the MFA response blank
401CONCURRENT_SESSIONAnother session is already opened with this LoginIdOpen two requests simultaneously with the same account
401UNAUTHORIZEDThe card was not authorized. Either there is a problem with bank, or the GetAccountsDetail endpoint was called before authorizedYou need to be authorized in the bank account before going further.Call the GetAccountsDetail endpoint during an MFA prompt without answering the MFA question
401DISABLED_LOGINThe account has been deactivated by the financial institution. The account holder must contact their bankLog into a deactivated account
401NEW_ACCOUNTThe end user must take action directly on their online banking before connecting and account with FlinksLogin to an account where user must take action on bank's website (e.g. to accept a consent form)
401SESSION_EXPIREDThe RequestId expired after 8 mins of inactivity during Authorize or 30 mins timeout for data processingWait at least 8 minutes before responding to MFA
401ALREADY_AUTHORIZEDWhen the /Authorize endpoint is called after the user has already been authorizedAnswer an MFA for an already authorized requestid
401SECURITYRESPONSES_INCOMPLETENot all the prompted MFA questions had answers in the reponse requestNot answer all MFA questions prompted in 3 question MFA prompt

             ** General note: when you received an error code for the cache mode, it means that during the refresh, we faced that error code.