We divide all accounts following the banks general categories in 4 main types:

  • Operations;
  • Credits;
  • Products;
  • Other.

To determine these categories, we take as a base what the bank displays to us in its online banking summary accounts page.

Accounts that you can operate in a daily basis with it are categorized as Operations (commonly checking and saving accounts). Investment that are mostly frozen are categorized as Products, since it is considered as a financial product. The accounts under the category Credits, are mainly credit cards, loans and prepaid credit cards. Finally, rarely but sometimes, an account will have no clear category so it will be classified under Other.

You can find the category of each account you receive in the Category field in a GetAccountsDetail or GetAccountsSummary response, like the example below:


There is also the Type field that you can find for each account in the 'GetAccountsDetail'. Flinks is retrieving specific values in the account title to determine the type. Here's the different types categorized by chosen account title words:

        //Checking and Saving Types

           //Credit Card Types

           //Equity Types

           //Mortgages, Home Equity and Other Loans

           //Asset Types

           //Brokerage and Retirement Types

           //Life Insurance Types

           //Non Life Insurance Types

           //Bill Types

           //Other Liability Types

           //Employer Stock Types

           //Overdraft and MoneyMarket Types

           //Prepaid cards