For more details about this API input data type please refer to this article.


Data Type
HttpStatusCodeHttpStatusCodenumberA message that indicates whether or not that request can be fulfilled (See article)
LinksLinksobjectContains links to other complementary API endpoints
Links\relrelstring, nullComplementary API endpoint name
Links\hrefhrefstring, nullComplementary API endpoint reference article
Links\exampleexamplenullAccount holder's postal code
LoginLoginobjectContains the login data
Login\UsernameUsernamestring, nullCard user name
Login\IsScheduledRefreshIsScheduledRefreshboolean, nullIf Nightly Refreshes are enabled for that card (See article)
Login\LastRefreshLastRefreshstring, nullLast refresh date
Login\TypeTypestring, nullLogin type: personal, business
Login\IdIdstring, nullFlinks' Loginid is a unique key that represents that a connected account (See article)
InstitutionIdInstitutionIdnumber, nullFlinks' Financial Institution ID
InstitutionInstitutionstring, nullFinancial Institution name
RequestIdRequestIdstring, nullFlinks' RequestId is a unique key that can be used to make calls to other data retrieval endpoints (See article)

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