For a card to be eligible to be refreshed, it must comply with the following conditions:

If your use-case requires automatic account refresh to keep track of transactional history changes, you can enable Nightly Refresh for new accounts. For this, you need to set the scheduleRefresh parameter to true in the iframe URL.

If your use-case requires automatic account refresh, we recommend you use the Enhanced MFA flow. To activate this feature, the parameter enhancedMFA must be set to true in the iframe URL. During the Authentication step, Flinks will attempt to extract all additional MFA Questions and Answers, besides the one that is commonly prompted in the first time connection. Flinks will prompt the user to preemptively answer all additional questions. If you want to give the end user the option to skip this step, add the parameter skipEnhancedMFA set to true in the iframe URL.

/GetNightlyRefreshStatus: is the endpoint that returns a list with all the LoginIds that are set to nightly refresh ("IsScheduledRefresh": true), however are no longer refreshing due to errors. Its JSON response will also clarify what was the encountered error on the refresh attempt.

/Authorize: when running the batched cached calls, this endpoint will also return the error message from the previous refresh attempt. In case it doesn’t return any errors, i.e. 200, please make sure you check the date of the latest refresh, as in the snapshot below:

In case this date is too long ago for your use case, please perform a manual refresh. This can be done just by changing the body parameters in /Authorize, as in the example below, and subsequently calling our aggregation endpoints with the provided RequestId.



"MostRecentCached": false,

"Save": true


Suggested Daily Routine

1. Check which LoginIds are no longer eligible to be refreshed:



2. For the LoginIds that are not on the list:


For additional information, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team at: