To retrieve the official PDF bank statements of your accounts, you first need to get authorized into the bank.


Once that is done, you have to call the 'GetStatements' endpoint with the RequestId you got from the Authorize call. You need to select the 'Base64Bytes' and use a base64 string sample decoder website to export the data in a PDF file.

You can also get older statements by using the parameter 'NumberOfStatements' to retrieve the last 3 or 12 months worth of statements. You can only do so by using the parameter 'AccountsFilter' to extract statements one account at the time. You might need to call another endpoint to get the AccountId you want.

Afterwards, you have to reproduce the same steps to retrieve the last month but with two more parameters. Here's an example for the last 3 months:


And here's one for the last 12 months:

You can read more about the Get Statements endpoint in our documentation