Great news!

We have a status page that you can subscribe to in order to get all the bank status updates.

It's available here:




How to subscribe?

Hit the subscribe button below or go to our subscription page.


What kind of updates can I subscribe to?

We do offer email, RSS/Atom feed and Webhook updates.


Can I select which notifications and details I want to receive?

Yes! Once you hit the subscribe button you can select the event and details you want to subscribe to.


Tell me more about your Webhook updates!

To configure the Webhook you will need an endpoint to receive a json notification.



Here is a sample notification sent to a Webhook:

"client": {
"name": "Flinks Technologies Inc",
"url": ""
"component": {
"url": "",
"name": "Scotia",
"group": "Canadian Banks",
"status": {
"state": "outage"
"meta": {
"unsubscribe": "",
"created_at": 1517572526

The states are the following:

  • operational: the institution is running fine
  • degraded: we are having difficulties processing requests to the institution's web services
  • outage: we are not able to connect to the institution's web services to process requests


I still have questions! Can you help me ?

Sure! Send us an email at or write us directly your question.