The last integration type is the most powerful: webhooks. 

By opting for it, you will not need to be concerned about which endpoints to call, neither with the correct order. We will deliver the data to you as soon as it’s ready to go.

We currently support 3 different kinds of webhooks:

  • KYC - anticipates the return of user’s personal information as soon as fetched from the FI, while the accounts’ information is still being pulled from the FI;
  • GetAccountsDetail - returns this endpoints payload as a webhook (KYC + IBV + Transactions);
  • Investments - returns this endpoints payload as a webhook (Securities + Positions + Transactions)

How do I enable it

It’s simple, just send us a webhook URL and we will set everything up on our end. Please make sure to return a 200 whenever you receive a webhook, so we can know that everything worked fine.

What if I also have Attributes

For the moment, we do not support Attributes’ payloads to be delivered via webhooks. However, the webhook with raw aggregated data can be used as a trigger to your Attributes API calls!


Payload example