The Request Feed in the Flinks Client Dashboard enables you to see all the users who are connecting their accounts through your integration of Flinks Connect.

In the Request Feed, you can see:

  • KYC information related to the request

  • The Request status

  • Request ID

  • Your team’s activity

  • The Financial Institution that the request came from

  • Date and time that the request was completed

Request KYC and information

The Request Feed provides a high-level overview of who’s connecting in your application. You can see the name, where the request came from and if you click on the down arrow at the beginning of the row you’ll be able to see some of the KYC information collected in the request.

Request Status

The request status is a real-time indicator of how your users are proceeding through your connection flow. The possible types of status are:

  • Completed
  • In Progress
  • Error


The Completed state is requests that have successfully finished collected information from the user's account and have done so without errors. 


Hovering over the error icon will inform you why the user failed to connect.


In progress informs you that a user is currently in your connect funnel. Hovering over the loading icon will display what part of the funnel they are in. 

Request ID

This is the unique code associated with each request.


Activity is the Client Dashboard tool for your team's workflow. The Activity column highlights how your team is currently assessing a particular request.

Financial Institution 

You can search for institutions by name and filter out financial institutions that you don't want to see. you can also select the connection data type: Banking or Investments. 


You can filter your request feed to only show requests from a date period that you specify.