Increase your amount of connections by providing your users with easy, efficient access to bank verification.

If you’re using the Flinks Connect hosted solution, you have access to the Bank Verification Invitation feature in the request feed of your client dashboard. This feature allows you to send a link via email or text message to a specific user. When the user clicks this link they can open Flinks Connect with their institution’s login screen pre-loaded. 

Note: to enable this feature, you need to speak to a sales representative or your relationship manager as it comes as a free optional add-on for Hosted Solution integrations. 

Accessing Invites

Once Invites has been enabled on your instance, you can find it via the Invites link in the navigation bar. 

Once on the Invites page, you will see all the invites that you have previously sent out and the status of the invite. 

Sending a new invitation

To send out a new invitation, click on the blue “Invite” button in the top right.

After clicking on the “Invites” button you will get a pop-up that will allow you to select the method that the link will be sent through, email or text message.  Your user’s name, an optional unique identifier, and their financial institution if you know this information.

After you filled in this information, hit send and the user will be added to the top of the list with a “New” label marked as their status.

Your customer will immediately receive an invite via the communication method you selected.