If you want to retrieve the most recent transactions from an account, you can simply use the Refresh button, which will create a new request to connect to the same user's bank and extract the details of their account. It will do the same as forcing a background request instead of waiting for it at night. Plus you can choose if you want the last 90 or 360 days of transactions.

After clicking Refresh, it is possible to face a new security question (MFA), as we explain in this article, and your call won't be able to be refreshed. In this case, you will see an in-progress status saying that it is answering the security challenge and it will stop your request there. To proceed in this case, the MFA has to be answered by the end user either in Flinks Connect (iFrame) or the API in a Save:true call.

Otherwise, refresh is underway! Be sure to check back in a few minutes... A new request will appear on the top of the Request Feed.