The most common use case is using Flinks Connect to easily connect end-users to their banks and after extract the saved data using the API in cached mode, for a blazing fast speed. 

The end-user will only need to interact with Flinks Connect to provide their credentials and after a successfully authorized process, it will be redirected to your page, without having the need of waiting for the entire data extraction, which will continue to happen in the background on our side.

With the received LoginId from the redirected page, you will be able to extract the saved data from the previous Flinks Connect request using the API cached mode.

The example flow below is designed to provide the best user experience for you and the end-user.


     1. Connect to Flinks Connect with the parameter redirectUrl

2. When the authorize is successful you'll receive the LoginId in the landing page Url

3. To retrieve the saved data using our API, you have to use the LoginId in an Authorize call using the parameter "MostRecentCached": true

4. You will receive a response of the Authorize call in a matter of few seconds with the RequestId

5. Use the RequestId to call any other endpoint with parameters you see fit