If your use case requires a single or specific accounts to be returned, instead of the whole list of accounts that user holds, you should make use of two important parameter in both Flinks Connect and /GetAccountsDetail.

Flinks Connect

The iframe contains several account selection features on which you can specify if:

  • Only one account should be selected
  • Multiple accounts should be selected
  • If only CAD or USD accounts should be displayed
  • etc.

For all of these options, please refer to this link in order to understand which parameters should be included in your iframe URL.

Account selection screen

After the connection is successful and the account(s) is(are) selected, the REDIRECT event will expedite an accountId along with the LoginId. Make sure to grab it for the following step! 

For more information on the iframe's events, please refer to Event Listener.


After having a brand new RequestId as a result of a successful call to /Authorize, along with this parameter you should include the accountId into the AccountsFilter parameter in the payload, as shown below.

In the scenario of multiple accounts selected, you can include their accountIds in the payload:

By removing the AccountsFilter altogether, we will return the full list of accounts, regardless of which the user had chosen in the iframe.